Ways to Use Lighting at Your Events

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Regardless of whether you are planning for a birthday party or for a wedding, lighting is a crucial element you cannot actually skip. After all, you want your lighting to complement all of the other elements – the ones you really handpicked one by one.

What are some of the best ways to use lighting at your events? We have some tips for you – so read on if you need just a bit of inspiration for your next big event.

  • Gobo lighting. This type of lighting is especially popular among events that follow a modern-elegant aesthetic, but you have definitely seen it look amazing in other contexts too. Choose gobo lighting if you want to add a pop of energy the vibe created at your wedding! It will look equally amazing with your wedding monogram, with your company’s name, or with any other meaningful words you want to project on the walls.
  • Up lighting. Want to add color to a simple wedding venue? Nothing simpler, really. With modern up lighting technology, the entire room can be bather in your favorite color, so that it complements the rest of the décor and your personality as well. Very popular with modern chic weddings too!
  • Be them electric or very traditional, candles have something very romantic about them. Place them in the middle of the table for a warm and welcoming centerpiece, or place them along the walls of the venue if you want to create a magical, old-school vibe every single guest there will love.
  • Planning a vintage, retro, or simply an outdoor wedding? Lanterns are crazy popular with weddings, anniversaries, and wide range of other events too. If you want to create a gorgeous vintage appearance, opt for antique-looking lanterns (place them on the tables, on the pathway leading to the venue entrance, or simply hang them above the dance floor). If you want something a bit more playful, paper lanterns in your party’s colors are a very, very good choice too!

No matter what type of lighting you may choose for your next event, remember that hiring a professional to deal with it all is a very important step in making sure everything looks flawless. So, go ahead, find a lighting service provider who is reliable, honest, and who knows how to combine your wishes with your venue and the décor there. It will be worth every penny!