Lighting 101

How to Incorporate Lighting Into Your Eclectic Vintage Look

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Choosing a wedding theme is an important step for every couple about to get married. After all, you want your wedding décor to look amazing, and to be more than a representative for your personality and love story – and having a wedding theme to unify all the elements is a more than essential when it comes to this.

How do you make sure your wedding lighting is consistent with your eclectic vintage wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Candles. There’s nothing prettier than candlelight – so if you want to add a dash of romance and beauty to your wedding, you should definitely use candles for lighting. The best way to incorporate them in an eclectic vintage wedding theme is by focusing on the candle holders – you need something with a distinct vintage flair, whether it’s from the Roaring Twenties, or a more ambiguous vintage touch.

  • Edison light bulbs. Very popular these days, Edison light bulb arrangements are ideal for brides and grooms who want to be really unique. Because of their old-school appeal, these light bulbs can be perfectly incorporated into a wedding with a vintage wedding theme – and no, you don’t have to incorporate Victorian design motifs all over (this is where the “eclectic” part comes in, right?). However, we do suggest you make sure you create a well-balanced look if you want to create a nice, welcoming vibe for your wedding.
  • What could be more glamorous than chandeliers? Gorgeous, unique, and definitely elegant, chandeliers can be incorporated into the most surprising wedding settings – and they are perfect for couples who want their big day to really shine. From barn weddings to museums, a lot of spaces are perfect for chandeliers – so don’t shy away and take the eclectic approach to vintage wedding décor!
  • Table lamps. Bring that bedroom coziness into your wedding by placing vintage table lamps on each of your wedding tables. With some flowers and great attention to detail, the lamps can really turn into splendid centerpieces – and they are ideal for someone who wants a cozy, welcoming and quite an informal wedding. Plus, you can always mix and match them to create a very eclectic, interesting appeal!

Regardless of the lighting type you may choose for your wedding, remember to pay attention to details and to choose elements that truly represent you. At the end of the day, fashion will go away and trends will fade out – but your wedding pictures are there to remember you of the most beautiful day of your life, and you really need to make sure everything about it mirrors you, your love story, and your personality!

chandeliers for lighting

Types of Unique Chandeliers for lighting

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Wedding lighting bears a huge importance in the way the entire ambiance is constructed within your Big Day. And yet, before you make any kind of choice, you will first want to make sure you understand the differences between different types of lighting.

For example, what do you know about the different types of chandeliers? If you are curious to learn more about this, read on and find out more.

  • Classic chandeliers. If you want to have a wedding torn out of fairytales, and if you want to feel like a real princess on your Big Day, chandeliers can definitely add that out-of-this-world appeal you love so much. Elegant, timeless, royal, and really stunning, classic chandeliers will hang from your ballroom ceilings like jewelries – and they will make your décor look truly magnificent. And if you want to use classic chandeliers in a less formal wedding, you can definitely do that too – but you will have to make sure to balance things out and combine the elegance and luxury of the chandeliers with more informal, casual elements.
  • Geometric chandeliers. Inspired by the classic “siblings”, but really more modern, geometric chandeliers are perfect for those of you who want an elegant wedding in a contemporary context. Hang them from a museum room, or from an unconventional urban location to add a dash of stylishness and uniqueness to your entire wedding. Hang them from a vintage ballroom to create an unforgettable Roaring Twenties/ Art Nouveau appeal. And even hang them at your backyard wedding to make things more special, more eclectic, and more non-conformist.
  • Edison light bulb chandeliers. Unique and creative, Edison light bulb chandeliers are lighting fixtures that make you think really outside of the box. They are absolutely perfect for a wedding that’s held in a barn or in another country setting, precisely because they add that “DIY” and “old-school” vibe country-chic weddings are so famous for. Plus, this type of chandeliers will offer a versatility you will absolutely love. Think creatively and you will definitely come up with something genuinely original with these chandeliers!

Of course, these are just some of the types of chandeliers out there. These days, there’s something for just about anyone – and the freedom of creativity you have will definitely stimulate you to create a truly special atmosphere at your wedding. Don’t be afraid to be different – this is your wedding and it should reflect you and your personality as a couple!

How to Incorporate Lighting Into Your Rustic Glam Look

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Rustic Glam weddings are a huge trend – and you really do have all the reasons to love them. Somewhere in between “country” and “urban”, “casual” and “elegant”, and “vintage” and “modern”, this wedding theme is taking over the bridal world in full force.

Do you want to have a Rustic Glam wedding too? If yes, you will definitely want to decorate it in a beautiful way – and lighting is crucial when it comes to this. How to incorporate pretty lighting into a Rustic Glam wedding? Read on and find your inspiration.

  • Arrangements made with Edison light bulbs. Thought Edison light bulbs are heading towards complete annihilation? Think again, they can look absolutely amazing when used in a creative way. For instance, imagine a long wooden table covered with delicious treats, with an arrangement made with clusters of Edison bulbs hovering above the table. Doesn’t that sound good?
  • Mismatched floating lanterns. Old-school but adorable, lanterns are always a great choice for a countryside wedding. Want to breathe a bit of originality into the idea, though? Arrange them in a mismatching manner on the ceiling of your wedding tent – they will look amazing.
  • You may think the elegance of chandeliers has nothing to do with Rustic Glam weddings – but it can work out pretty well. The chandeliers will add a dash of sophistication and luxury to your barn or country wedding, and they will create an eclectic feel everyone will absolutely love.
  • Bistro lights. Probably the most popular type of lighting among rustic wedding brides, bistro lights are more than versatile. You can arrange them for a splendid wedding ceremony backdrop, you can arrange them as a “teepee” made with lights, you can write words with them, or you can simply use them to add a little bit of light and beauty to an otherwise simpler space.
  • Want the ultimate romantic light at your wedding? Opt for candles – but not the traditional way. Take large, white candles, and place them in spray-painted bottles for a touch of uniqueness. If you want to paint them in golden sparkle, it could create a truly beautiful, casual-glamorous look for your flower arrangements.

Despite the type of lighting you may choose, we strongly recommend you to work with true professionals in this field. Not only will they know how to pull it off, but it is safer for you and for your wedding guests too.

new lighting technologies

New Lighting Technologies

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As the bride and groom, you want your wedding to be perfect from all points of view – and the lighting you choose can be extremely important. What are the new lighting technologies you might want to consider for your Big Day’s décor? We have gathered some suggestions right below – so read on and find out more to inspire yourself.

  • Video mapping. This is one of the most impressive and magnificent recent additions to the wedding lighting world. Basically, this new and mesmerizing technology will display animations on the elements of your choice. It may be your dress, the walls of your wedding reception venue, or even your wedding cake – as long as it’s plain (and preferably white), your chosen animations will look absolutely breathtaking when “mapped”.
  • LED lighting. Not necessarily very new, but more than definitely noteworthy, LED lights have grown to be hugely popular among brides and grooms. There’s something about their versatility, resilience, and affordable price that makes LED lights really stand out and still be one of the most highly-appreciated choices among brides and grooms. Ideal for a modern and elegant wedding and for couples who need just a bit of extra personalization for their wedding venue!
  • Gobo lighting. Also very popular, Gobo lights are excellent for those of you who want to add a dash of uniqueness to the wedding décor. Even the simplest venue can be transformed when you project arabesque patterns or even your wedding monogram on the wall!
  • Up Lighting. This type of lighting is quite widely spread as well – and not without reason. Up Lighting can instantly transform a space, making it more intimate, more personal and more colorful. Choose it if you want to add accents of color in different parts of the room – it will look magically beautiful!
  • Going back to the basics. Definitely not new, basic lighting options that remind people of a non-technological past are in high fashion too. What is not to love about fairy lights, cute paper lanterns, and candlelight? Perfect for outdoor summer weddings where “whimsical”, “playfulness” and “fairytale” meet with the modern event!

No matter what wedding lighting options you may choose, one thing will always be important: only settle on wedding décor elements that truly represent you, not the latest glossy magazine trends. You only get married once, so make this your Big Day in the fullest sense of the word!