How to Incorporate Lighting Into Your Eclectic Vintage Look

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Choosing a wedding theme is an important step for every couple about to get married. After all, you want your wedding décor to look amazing, and to be more than a representative for your personality and love story – and having a wedding theme to unify all the elements is a more than essential when it comes to this.

How do you make sure your wedding lighting is consistent with your eclectic vintage wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Candles. There’s nothing prettier than candlelight – so if you want to add a dash of romance and beauty to your wedding, you should definitely use candles for lighting. The best way to incorporate them in an eclectic vintage wedding theme is by focusing on the candle holders – you need something with a distinct vintage flair, whether it’s from the Roaring Twenties, or a more ambiguous vintage touch.

  • Edison light bulbs. Very popular these days, Edison light bulb arrangements are ideal for brides and grooms who want to be really unique. Because of their old-school appeal, these light bulbs can be perfectly incorporated into a wedding with a vintage wedding theme – and no, you don’t have to incorporate Victorian design motifs all over (this is where the “eclectic” part comes in, right?). However, we do suggest you make sure you create a well-balanced look if you want to create a nice, welcoming vibe for your wedding.
  • What could be more glamorous than chandeliers? Gorgeous, unique, and definitely elegant, chandeliers can be incorporated into the most surprising wedding settings – and they are perfect for couples who want their big day to really shine. From barn weddings to museums, a lot of spaces are perfect for chandeliers – so don’t shy away and take the eclectic approach to vintage wedding décor!
  • Table lamps. Bring that bedroom coziness into your wedding by placing vintage table lamps on each of your wedding tables. With some flowers and great attention to detail, the lamps can really turn into splendid centerpieces – and they are ideal for someone who wants a cozy, welcoming and quite an informal wedding. Plus, you can always mix and match them to create a very eclectic, interesting appeal!

Regardless of the lighting type you may choose for your wedding, remember to pay attention to details and to choose elements that truly represent you. At the end of the day, fashion will go away and trends will fade out – but your wedding pictures are there to remember you of the most beautiful day of your life, and you really need to make sure everything about it mirrors you, your love story, and your personality!