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Event Signage Ideas

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Planning a big event soon? We bet you want every single detail to look absolutely flawless – and we definitely understand the importance of this. Regardless of whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary, a corporate event, or a wedding, this is a big moment in your life and you want to celebrate it in high style.

Of course, you will want to include one of those fun event signs and messages too – but how do you do it? We have gathered some of the most popular ideas for you – so read on and inspire yourself.

  • Neon lights. Perfect for those of you who want their message to really pop! It may be a simple “Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad”, or it may be the date of your wedding. If you want your signage to be more than energizing, neon lights are absolutely perfect. And yes, they can be worked into a more elegant décor too – but you do have to use your creativity for something really nice.
  • Video mapping. This is one of the freshest newcomers in the event signage and lighting tech spectrum – but it is by far one of the most impressive ones too. A beautiful video containing colors, stars, words, and basically everything you want can be projected on a white object – such as the cake, the wedding dress, or any other part of the venue. This idea will make your event look absolutely mesmerizing.
  • Twinkle lights. Those adorable little lights everyone’s including in their outdoor weddings and events? Yep, they can be used as signage too. You don’t have to be very thorough with the message – a simple “LOVE” or the name of your company can be written “in the air” or on a wall with the help of twinkle lights. They will look so pretty, so beautiful, and they will create such a cozy atmosphere!
  • The already classic blackboard is another great way of adding powerful messages to your event. If you want to make it pop, you can decorate the blackboard with lights too – or, why not, you can use classic backstage mirrors as your “canvas” too. Either way, these ideas are perfect for those who love a casual, old-school, but smart-and-sassy event.

The sky is the only limit you have when it comes to event signage – so don’t be afraid to step out of the box and think of ideas that are totally unique. We bet it will look impressive for your wedding!

Pacific Event Services is Southern California’s Number One Choice for Lighting

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Los Angeles, California — 09/06/2012 — The difference between a successful event and an awkward gathering can, in most cases, be put down to atmosphere. Atmosphere seems like a difficult element to control, depending on many apparent factors, but the biggest factor of all these is one that plays more on the subconscious of guests than many might think: lighting. Pacific Event Services are experts at transforming spaces into an integral part of any event by setting the tone for a successful evening.

Pacific Event Services is one of the largest event lighting companies in Southern California, providing events and wedding lighting in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Kern, Riverside and more. They are able to provide lighting for every kind of event, from wedding lighting and bar mitzvahs to corporate events and holidays. 

Pacific Event Services have been in the press for their provision of Christmas holiday lighting to a family whose father was affected by cancer and was unable to decorate the house. Marc Weinstock, the company owner, put up a $2,000 array free of charge. 

The company also takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, operating a Green business by investing in the latest high quality lighting technology such as LED arrays, using 90% less energy but producing the same amazing results.

It should come as no surprise then that the business is growing rapidly, with its impeccable ethics and impressive business practices, Pacific Event Services has gone from strength to strength based not on aggressive marketing strategies, but on a reputation that spreads like wildfire.

The company’s owner Marc Weinstock had this to say, “Our custom event lighting goes so far to establish the mood of a space that it transforms the ordinary into something truly extraordinary. I’ve been in this business since 2007 and we’re now covering up to four weddings every weekend purely through referrals and recommendations. It’s a real blessing to have great clients like mine, which is why it’s important to me that I provide them the best service available.”

About Pacific Event Services 
Pacific Event Services is now one of the largest event lighting companies in Southern California. They specialize in creating the perfect ambiance for weddings, indoor and outdoor events including bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, engagement parties, corporate events, graduations, anniversary celebrations, fundraisers, outdoor parties and holiday lighting. For more information please visit:

Wedding & Corporate Event Fundraiser Lighting In Los Angeles, California

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Van Nuys, California – December 18, 2011 – Pacific Event Lighting (, a United States based eco-friendly lighting company is moving away from the traditional holiday lighting to larger event lighting gig.  This new change is no surprise as the company has been rapidly expanding over the past few years.  They are now ready for wedding, fundraisers, parties, corporate parties, and many other events.

At Pacific Event lighting they only use environmentally friendly lights, which use up to 90% less energy than traditional light bulbs.  Cutting costs allows Pacific Event Lighting to pass the savings on to their customers.  They maintain a stock of high quality, unique lights to make any event stand out and fit into any budget.

Pacific Event Lighting is a rapidly growing company that began installing and removing holiday lights around Christmas time.  They are based out of Van Nuys, but will work anywhere in Southern California.  After spending many hears working with holiday lighting they built up a name for themselves and are now taking the company to the next level by stepping into the realm of event lighting.

Owner, Marc Weinstock says,” We are excited to start a new beginning in our lighting business,.  This is a big step, but we are 100% ready to take on this challenge.  We are going to be a success as we already have multiple corporate parties and weddings lined up.”  This is great news for the company as a whole.

The expansion shows that the company knows what they are doing and plans to continue expanding into untapped markets.  Make sure to look out for Pacific Event Lighting at special occasions in Los Angeles, California.  Pacific Event Lighting will continually work to deliver superior customer service and value.


Pacific Event Lighting is one of the largest event lighting companies in Southern California.  They concentrate on forming the ultimate ambiance for your outdoor and/ or indoor event.  They work with fundraisers, corporate events, weddings, graduations, bar and bat mitzvahs, holiday lights, and many other events.  Pacific Event Lighting serves all of Southern California, including the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Kern, and Riverside.

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Phone: (800) 757-7216
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