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 Video Trends in Events

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Planning a wedding, a big anniversary, or a corporate event soon? We know just how much work goes into pulling together all the details of such a big event – and we also know how important it is for you that guests feel absolutely amazing during the celebration.

Videos can add a lot to your event, but keep in mind that it is very important to incorporate them the right way. What are some of the latest trends to inspire you when planning the videos for your wedding or corporate event? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Video mapping. By far one of the biggest trends of the last couple of years, video mapping has made it huge in pretty much every type of event out there. From an “underground” trend to an idea used in large concerts all over the world, video mapping has grown to be very, very popular. The reason it’s so widespread? Well, it is magical: just imagine projecting your love story on your wedding dress as you move along the steps of your First Dance and you will understand why video mapping is so highly acclaimed!
  • Replacing the PowerPoint presentation. Slideshows are almost obsolete these days – so if you want to share some old pictures or important information, it is better to create a video out of this, instead of the old-school PowerPoint presentation. Yes, it might take more effort (financially and otherwise) – but it will be more than worth it!
  • Creating an experience. Videos these days are not even by far just about the video itself. They are part of an experience. The dimmed colored lights or fairy lights, the music playing on the background at the right sound volume, the quality of the video itself – everything matters. Provide your guests with more than just a film – provide them with a memory, with a feeling, with truly sensitive entertainment!
  • Live feeds. Share your first dance live on Facebook, in the highest quality! Share that amazing speaker with your business platform! Share the entire event with someone who couldn’t make it there! The options are literally limitless. With Internet at your fingertips, you can actually move across borders and spaces to send across your message. Isn’t technology downright amazing?

Of course, you don’t have to adopt all of these video trends in event planning – but you can definitely “steal” these ideas and make them more personal, adjust them to your particular event and its main purpose. Have fun while doing this – it will definitely transpire in the final product!