How to Incorporate Lighting Into Your Rustic Glam Look

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Rustic Glam weddings are a huge trend – and you really do have all the reasons to love them. Somewhere in between “country” and “urban”, “casual” and “elegant”, and “vintage” and “modern”, this wedding theme is taking over the bridal world in full force.

Do you want to have a Rustic Glam wedding too? If yes, you will definitely want to decorate it in a beautiful way – and lighting is crucial when it comes to this. How to incorporate pretty lighting into a Rustic Glam wedding? Read on and find your inspiration.

  • Arrangements made with Edison light bulbs. Thought Edison light bulbs are heading towards complete annihilation? Think again, they can look absolutely amazing when used in a creative way. For instance, imagine a long wooden table covered with delicious treats, with an arrangement made with clusters of Edison bulbs hovering above the table. Doesn’t that sound good?
  • Mismatched floating lanterns. Old-school but adorable, lanterns are always a great choice for a countryside wedding. Want to breathe a bit of originality into the idea, though? Arrange them in a mismatching manner on the ceiling of your wedding tent – they will look amazing.
  • You may think the elegance of chandeliers has nothing to do with Rustic Glam weddings – but it can work out pretty well. The chandeliers will add a dash of sophistication and luxury to your barn or country wedding, and they will create an eclectic feel everyone will absolutely love.
  • Bistro lights. Probably the most popular type of lighting among rustic wedding brides, bistro lights are more than versatile. You can arrange them for a splendid wedding ceremony backdrop, you can arrange them as a “teepee” made with lights, you can write words with them, or you can simply use them to add a little bit of light and beauty to an otherwise simpler space.
  • Want the ultimate romantic light at your wedding? Opt for candles – but not the traditional way. Take large, white candles, and place them in spray-painted bottles for a touch of uniqueness. If you want to paint them in golden sparkle, it could create a truly beautiful, casual-glamorous look for your flower arrangements.

Despite the type of lighting you may choose, we strongly recommend you to work with true professionals in this field. Not only will they know how to pull it off, but it is safer for you and for your wedding guests too.