New Lighting Technologies

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As the bride and groom, you want your wedding to be perfect from all points of view – and the lighting you choose can be extremely important. What are the new lighting technologies you might want to consider for your Big Day’s décor? We have gathered some suggestions right below – so read on and find out more to inspire yourself.

  • Video mapping. This is one of the most impressive and magnificent recent additions to the wedding lighting world. Basically, this new and mesmerizing technology will display animations on the elements of your choice. It may be your dress, the walls of your wedding reception venue, or even your wedding cake – as long as it’s plain (and preferably white), your chosen animations will look absolutely breathtaking when “mapped”.
  • LED lighting. Not necessarily very new, but more than definitely noteworthy, LED lights have grown to be hugely popular among brides and grooms. There’s something about their versatility, resilience, and affordable price that makes LED lights really stand out and still be one of the most highly-appreciated choices among brides and grooms. Ideal for a modern and elegant wedding and for couples who need just a bit of extra personalization for their wedding venue!
  • Gobo lighting. Also very popular, Gobo lights are excellent for those of you who want to add a dash of uniqueness to the wedding décor. Even the simplest venue can be transformed when you project arabesque patterns or even your wedding monogram on the wall!
  • Up Lighting. This type of lighting is quite widely spread as well – and not without reason. Up Lighting can instantly transform a space, making it more intimate, more personal and more colorful. Choose it if you want to add accents of color in different parts of the room – it will look magically beautiful!
  • Going back to the basics. Definitely not new, basic lighting options that remind people of a non-technological past are in high fashion too. What is not to love about fairy lights, cute paper lanterns, and candlelight? Perfect for outdoor summer weddings where “whimsical”, “playfulness” and “fairytale” meet with the modern event!

No matter what wedding lighting options you may choose, one thing will always be important: only settle on wedding décor elements that truly represent you, not the latest glossy magazine trends. You only get married once, so make this your Big Day in the fullest sense of the word!