Ambient Lighting is what creates the “feel” or mood of an event. Think of it as what tells your guests how to respond to your event’s unique purpose.

| Accent Lighting and Pin Spots
| Gobo Projections
| Intelligent Lighting
| Spot Washes

| Stage Lighting
| Up Lighting
| Programmable Lighting
| And much more


Decorative Lighting accentuates your overall event design. You can use it to draw your guests to the important areas of your venue. Hang a stunning chandelier at your ceremony to create an eye-catching backdrop or hang a cluster of Edison bulbs over your bar to provide an interesting focal point. Pacific Event Services has a large inventory of decorative lighting that will complement your design aesthetic.

| Bistro & String Lighting
| Brand Projections
| Chandeliers
| Decorative Accents

| Edison Bulbs
| Gobo Patterns
| Lanterns
| And much more


Functional Lighting is exactly what it sounds like. Think of pathway lighting, parking lot lighting and lighting for your caterer. Our functional lighting is bright enough for you to see what you’re eating and where you’re walking, but dim enough so you still feel like you’re in a special environment. When properly designed to complement the ambient and decorative lighting, you and your guests won’t notice the other lighting that’s there to keep you safe and keep your event functioning as planned.